Block Temple

Ancient evil seems to be awaken. It is imprisoned, but soon it will become powerfull enough to break out. Prison keeper, an ancient spirit who has some control over prison dungeon floors, involves some person to defeat evil being. Player plays as prison keeper. At the moment of game start, hero is on first floor of dungeon. Hero has its own will, and moves independently of player. He will move straight to enemy, treasure, or any another point of interest in his sight. Meanwhile, player can control dungeon, which consists of block rooms with up to 3 walls. He can rotate any room, or move room to adjucent empty place. This way, player has to control hero movement and actions, blocking way to some unwanted target, or forcing to move to some reward. Eventually, game shows new active elements hero can interact with. Main player goal is to lead hero to last, 10th floor of dungeon, and grant him max possible count of enchantements, so he might be able to defeat final boss, which dwells on 10th floor.



October 08:02:2014, 16:44

Very nice game! 5+

October 08:02:2014, 16:42

Very nice game!

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